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The Towers of Lyska Lasforn

A once-prosperous town is overrun by a Medusa-worshiping cult, the cult is then crushed by an army led by a good Crusader. An Artifact is disassembled and hidden away but may be restored. A powerful beacon is found on top of one tower, but why was it built, how can it be operated? Explore three levels of catacombs below the Medusa-God’s Shrine and two levels of cells under the Court Building. Major sites in the ruins are connected by underground tunnels guarded by fierce monsters. The Towers form a complex adventuring site suitable for large parties of Adventurers of Levels 1 to 3 and small parties of Adventurers of Levels 4 to 6. There are eight buildings to explore and nearly a square mile of mounds and ruins; fully exploring the entire area could take ten or more gaming sessions.

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