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Welcome to Spellbook Games

Welcome to Spellbook Games, a source of quality module and rule book products as well as custom plastic gaming miniatures to support classic style tabletop role-playing games!


We bring you outstanding role-playing game aids and adventures in a convenient PDF format, at an affordable price. Here at Spellbook Games you will find unique and interesting adventures and products written in the classic style. Many of our products are not tied to any RPG rules, and are useful to any RPG Game Master.

Our plastic gaming miniatures are all designed and manufactured in house at our facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

Please check back here often, as we will be regularly releasing new rules and guides, new miniatures, and new adventures!

Again, thank you for visiting Spellbook Games, please come back and see us often, and tell your friends and gaming groups about us! We appreciate your visit and your business.

Featured Art

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